Today, traceability and provenance is critical, and exporting animal products has become increasingly complex. Each destination country can have its own set of unique requirements that you will need to meet and certify.

As fully accredited Official Veterinarians, our team of vets are qualified to carry out export work for both live birds (ES, EX, AX) and products of animal origin (ES, EX, PX).
We can help you with:

• Advice and guidance on applications.
• Online and physical certification
• Product and shipment examination
• Preparation of supporting documentation

The UK Government is moving to an online application and certification process which should help to streamline the process.

Export Health Certificates

An Export Health Certificate (EHC) is an official document that confirms your export meets the health requirements of the destination country.

Each EHC must be certified by an Official Veterinarian (or OV) – someone authorised by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) to carry out animal product export certification, who carries the correct approval module for the product in question.

The completed EHC must be included for each type of animal or animal product you’re exporting from the UK. Some food products might require multiple EHCs.

You can get EHC forms from: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/get-an-export-health-certificate

Our pricing for export work depends on the individual export requirements – the supportive documentation required, physical inspections of products and shipments etc.

We would be happy to discuss bespoke options dependent on your business needs.