As a specialist veterinary practice, we stock and supply the full range of veterinary products that you may need for your flocks, including vaccines, nutraceuticals, probiotics, salmonella sampling kits, antibiotics. By working with various partners to identify specific nutritional and physiological needs we have developed an extensive range of innovative supplements. We have conducted our own extensive field trials, compliance checks, and compatibility studies to ensure we offer a premium product with proven efficacy.

All our products can be used in strategic combination to provide a holistic approach to common industry problems, such as sub-optimal gut health, bacterial infections and skeletal deficiencies, bacterial chondronecrosis (BCO). Over years of experience and research focussing on intestinal health and the challenges associated with the modern day chicken we have brought these combinations together into our Prosymbiotics strategy. This approach has resulted in a consistent reduction in antibiotic usage and improved performance and profitability of flocks.

All our products can be used in strategic combination, known as Prosymbiotics, to provide a holistic approach to common industry problems, such as sub-optimal gut health, bacterial infections and skeletal deficiencies, bacterial chondronecrosis (BCO).


Protexin Forte

Protexin Forte is a high dose, water soluble, enterococcus probiotic with excellent usability. Specifically designed not to pose a risk to drinker line hygiene or contribute to biofilm, it supports intestinal health and reduces bacterial invasiveness translocation. It is used extensively as an early therapeutic intervention for enteritis and peritonitis, but also as a key component of Prosymbiotics to pro-actively reduce the risk of poor intestinal health and skeletal issues brought about by a breakdown in the intestinal barrier.




AspidynT is a phytotherapeutic product consisting of a blend of botanicals. It contains acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) which has been used for years in poultry medicine because of its well-known anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic properties.

When used early in the onset of a dysbacteriosis challenge, AspidynT can significantly reduce the need for medication and help maintain performance as flocks undergo the challenge. We have also used it extensively in laying flocks to help control feather pecking and aggression and mortality associated with E.coli.



Lovit Progano Liquid

Part of the Kaeslar Lovit poultry range, that we supply in full, Lovit Progano Liquid has been used extensively to help support birds during times of stress and help support gut function and health. Its uniquely high concentration of Thymol and Carvacrol offers a significant benefit in maintaining feed intake and productivity through coccidiosis challenges in broilers and supporting gut health in layers and breeders. Progano has also shown to be of benefit during outbreaks of histomoniasis.



Lovit Hepavent

Lovit Hepavent is a liquid formulation designed for additional short-term supplementation via the drinking water. It provides a readily available quick response energy supply which can aid in supporting flocks through times of stress such as metabolic disorders in broilers or layers and hepatic or renal disorders.



Lovit Amino Plus Liquid

Lovit Amino Plus Liquid is especially indicated for the prevention of hypovitaminosis and mineral and amino acid deficiencies in case of vaccination, subclinical diseases, changes of feed composition and other stress involving conditions.